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Your love is very important to the dogs

Every dog has a touching and unique story behind them. Thank you for your help

Welcome to
Hanover Ms.Wang Stray Dogs' Shelter!


\relevant information/

-Original purpose of establishment:Aunt Wang Fumei said: "Our age is patriarchal, mother and father, we have never been hurt, so the loneliness and helplessness I think he is exactly the same as mine, and I feel the helplessness!"

-Materials needed: money! 💰Because Mama Wang saves sick animals and dogs do not have health insurance, the cost is huge! Most of these animals can barely be rescued by the love of several thousand yuan twice a year and the borrowing of money by Mama Wang and others! At the beginning, he said, "It's his luck that the dog was saved by me."

- On-site environment:
* There are about 20 cats and 130 dogs on site.
*Environment Because Aunt Wang cleans it herself every day, there is no smelly and dirty environment, relying on the hands that can't lift up to suck the floor, clean the towel, add food, deal with the aftermath of the waves, etc.


"The dogs here are almost all very happy, they're even luckier than us humans."